International Grand Committee on Disinformation


Brussels, Belgium

November 9, 2021

The United Kingdom, France, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia and Italy

The new evidence that has been brought forward by Frances Haugen reveal how Facebook’s products are engineered to artificially promote extremism, disinformation and content harmful to public health and safety. These disclosures come at a time when the EU is creating new ground-breaking rules to hold platforms to account. In this fifth session of the IGC, we will be hearing key witnesses in Brussels, which will be able to discuss key trends, platform responses and solutions to Covid 19 misinformation and online hate.

Covid 19 Misinformation on online platforms – Nov 9

10am - 12pm (CET)
5am - 7am (EST)

Callum Hood
Head of Research, Centre for Countering Digital Hate

Lubos Kuklis
Chair, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

Rebekah Tromble
Director, Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics @ Gwu Chair, Edmo Working Group on Access to Platform Data

Online hate directed towards historically marginalized groups – Nov 9

1pm- 3pm (CET)
8am - 10am (EST)

Chloe Colliver
Head of Digital Policy and Strategy, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Anna-Lena von Hodenberg
Founder, Hate Aid

Asha Allen
Advocacy Director for Europe, Online Expressions & Civic Space @ Centre for Democracy and Technology

Closing Panel – Nov 9

3:30pm- 5:30pm (CET)
10:30am - 12:30pm (EST)

Maria Ressa (via video)
Ceo, Rappler, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2021

Frances Haugen
Ex Facebook, Advocate for Public Oversight of Social Media