International Grand Committee on Disinformation


Chamber aAditya Joshi

Forging international alliances to combat the spread of online disinformation, hate speech, and electoral interference

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A global challenge demands global solutions

The IGC brings together political leaders from around the world to help create a coordinated, international response to disinformation - an online challenge that knows no borders.

Only a truly comprehensive strategy will succeed

Digital media platforms reach into every aspect of our lives, societies, and democracies. Successfully addressing the threats they pose requires fighting back on all fronts.

The old ways aren’t going to work this time

Traditional regulatory approaches created for the age of smokestack industries are hopelessly ineffective in today’s globalized digital economy. A new way forward must be forged.

The rapid proliferation of online disinformation is one of the greatest threats facing democratic societies today. By deciding to put profits ahead of people, social media platforms have chosen to allow false content to populate across the internet - stoking extremism and polarization, and fomenting distrust in the public institutions designed to help people process an increasingly complex world. Because Big Tech companies have failed to impose adequate controls over illegal and harmful online content, the IGC believes it is the collective responsibility of parliaments and governments to exercise their oversight powers and address these issues in a unified manner. Until this happens, malevolent actors will continue to use social media to spread disinformation, spew hate, and disrupt elections.

The time to act is now.

“This is a moment of national and global reckoning. The internet is essential infrastructure, and just as we hold companies accountable for polluting our air, waterways and food, we must hold companies accountable for polluting our families, kids and communities.” — Dr. Duncan Maru, MD, PHD

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